Author Guidelines

General Guidelines

  1. All manuscripts should be submitted online at el-Madib: Basic Education Journal
  2. The manuscript has not been previously published, nor is it before another journal for consideration or in other publication media.
  3. Manuscript comprises six main headings: Introduction; review of related literature; Method; Result and Discussion; Conclusions ; References.
  1. The length of the manuscript is approximately 15-22 pages, written in Bookman Old Style 12pt, A4 paper format, margins: top 2.5 cm; left 2.5 cm; right 2.5 cm; bottom 2.5 cm, justified, 1 spaced.
  2. The manuscript should be written in the following JOURNAL TEMPLATE.
  3. The title must be written in title case and should be in Font Bookman Old style, 12pt font size, Bold, center alignment, and single spaced.
  1. Correspondence’s addressThe author's names should be accompanied by the author's institutions, institutions address, and email addresses, without any academic titles and job title.
  2. Abstracts are written in Indonesian and English. Abstract is made in one paragraph which consists of the background, objective, research methods, results, conclusions and keywords (3-5 phrases).
  3. Keywords are any terms related to the general issue(s) of the articles and written maximally 5 keywords


The introduction is a part consists of a general background, the main research problems and the purpose of the study. In the final part of the introduction, the purpose of the article writing should be stated.

Review of Related Literature.

Related literature review as a basis of the research issue.


Method describes the participants and consists of the design of the research, subject, instrument, data collection procedure, and data analysis

Result and Discussion.

This part consists of the research results and how they are discussed. The results obtained from the research have to be supported by sufficient data.  The research results and the discovery must be the answers, or the research hypothesis stated previously in the introduction part.

Conclusion (S) and Recommendation (S).

Conclusion should answer the objectives of research, research purpose, findings, and discussion as well as the expected suggestions for the future research. Conclusion shall be written in a paragraph.


The literature listed in the References contains only the sources referenced or included in the article.